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Financial Strategy & Planning

Think of yourself and your family as a small business and give yourself that level of financial care. We help you understand your financial landscape over the course of your lifetime.

Financial Planning
& Education

Learning how to plan, understanding options and risks.

Health Check

Check to see if your financial affairs are in order.


Identify your personal targets and priorities.

Wealth Planning

Planning your finances over your lifetime.

Financial Planning & Education

People are typically so busy earning their income that they are not very good at planning for their future. They know they should be doing so, but lack knowledge of the specifics to make it happen.

We regularly find that new clients have rarely had their tax, accounting or financial landscape and principles explained to them by their previous accountants. Consequently they really value an educational workshop that appraises them of the risks or challenges they or their family could be facing someday when they reach retirement, pass away or their spouse passes away.


Financial Health Check

Another critical component for many new clients is a check to see whether certain things have previously been considered either by themselves or their previous accountant. These include Inheritance Tax planning, reviews of wills, pensions, trusts and assets, longer term tax liabilities and income gaps over their lifetime.

By carefully prioritising the issues that affect you, we can help you identify aspects of your finances to focus on in the short-term and understand if there are any tax implications you might need to worry about or plan for in the longer run.


Personal Goals

Mapping your personal goals and how you see your life panning out is a great way to understand the costs you should be planning for, and the savings or finances you will need to fund your hobbies, cover your retirement, pay your children's costs or plan for inheritances.

Many of our clients have never done this before, and find it to be a highly illuminating exercise that they can revisit on a periodic basis with us. It allows us to understand your personal context and aspirations and to offer the best practical and personalised advice for managing and planning your finances in a longer term context.


Long-Term Wealth Planning

Are you able to finance your life as you would like it to be lived over your lifetime? Our long term wealth planning service considers your personal life visioning goals and advises you on what adjustments to make to reach your personal goals and manage the risks you might expect to encounter along the way.

We create your personal balance sheet, which allows you evaluate your assets in the context of what you want out of your life over whatever time frame you choose to consider.


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