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Management and growth of your private practice

If you are a consultant with an established private practice take a look at the information below and if you would like to discuss any of the areas in more detail please book an appointment.


Robust and clearly documented processes for the efficient running of your business

Growing your
private practice

Keeping you in control and helping you to reach your business goals

Effective administration of your private practice

Our private practice business review and bookkeeping services will help you to maximise the efficiency and effectiveness of the administrative processes that underpin your private practice work. As part of the business review we will:

Collaborate with your private secretary to walk through all of the processes involved in running your private practice.

Review and document administrative processes.

Highlight process improvements to optimise business performance.

Identify where efficiencies can be found to reduce secretarial time and your time spent on administration.

Identify any training requirements.

Standardise ways of working to reduce the impact of a change in secretarial provider.

Reduce burden of administration by streamlining an end to end administration process.

Best practice invoicing and credit control procedures.

How use of technology can bring efficiencies and improve accuracy.

Moving towards a paperless practice.


Our bookkeeping services will:

Provide you with anywhere, anytime, real-time access to your finances via a collaboration with your private secretary.

Ensure that all of your transactions (patient / insurance company invoices and your expenses) are logged accurately and quickly.

Train your secretary to prepare a bank reconciliation to keep control of your finances.

Train your secretary in best practice invoicing and credit control procedures including debtor reporting.

Make the best use of available technology to bring optimal efficiency and accuracy to your business.

Develop bespoke reports to give you full visibility of the financial performance and position of your business.

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Growing your private practice

As part of our business support and growth planning advisory service we will work in partnership with you and your private secretary to give you the tools you need to be in control of your business's performance, to identify growth areas and to increase profitability. We will:

Develop reports to give you full visibility of the financial performance and position of your business.

Prepare analytics around business performance and different revenue streams e.g. referral channel, revenue by procedure, average fee per clinic, timeliness of invoicing.

Propose ways of collecting data to enable you to monitor the performance of your private practice in detail. 

Propose ways of growing your private practice revenue.

Look at potential ways of increasing margins and profits.

Define process improvements to drive efficiency, reduce cost and increase profit.

Document processes: our experience is that where procedures have been documented they are more likely to be followed.

Consider your approach to marketing and personal branding - is it currently increasing your revenue

Bookkeeping services -  providing anywhere, anytime real-time access to your finances via a collaboration with your private secretary.

Training and support for your secretary to facilitate the most effective management of your practice.

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