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Maximising Asset Value

Proactive management of assets can avoid loss of value to tax. At Tayabali & White, we focus on tax efficient asset and wealth planning, advice and implementation.

Personal assets
audit and review

Map your assets and their values - both current and future.

Inheritance Tax,
Wills & Trusts Planning

Estimate your Inheritance Tax liability and develop strategies to reduce it.


Giving thought to personal objectives, family issues and philanthropy.

Capital Gains
Tax Planning

With pre-transaction planning this tax can be reduced or even eliminated.

Personal assets audit and review

The most effective asset planning is done holistically and, to help us give you the best advice, our first step is to provide you with a full picture of your assets, liabilities and intentions. Until they engage us this is something that many of our clients have never done.


Inheritance Tax, Wills & Trusts Planning

The effective asset threshold for an individual is typically £325,000 (£650,000 for couples) that can be passed on tax free at death to future generations, after which all value is generally taxed at 40%, making Inheritance Tax a major consideration, particularly for high net worth individuals.

If considered early enough, there are many strategies that can be applied to reduce or even eliminate Inheritance Tax. The sooner you start to plan, the more strategies there are available to you.

Trusts can be used to protect and safeguard assets, as well as mitigate Inheritance Tax. However, setting trusts up can be complicated – a trust deed needs to contain details of the settlor, the beneficiaries, the trustees, the assets, the powers of the trustees and any other wishes that the settlor may have, which requires great care and needs to be done correcly, or it can leave the trust open to uncertainty and it may not achieve what you want it to. We can help you with these considerations and liaise with your legal adviser.

Good planning is therefore critical. Also there are tax aspects to be considered, including lifetime Inheritance Tax, potential capital gains on whatever assets are put into the trust, annual trust tax on income and gains from trust assets, periodic 10 year tax charges on assets in trust, distribution of income or transfers of assets to beneficiaries and finally the need for annual trust accounts depending on the complexity of your trust’s affairs.


Wider Considerations

Many factors can have implications on what happens to your wealth, for example: the situation of your children or grandchildren, their ages, school fees or special needs; elderly parents with care needs or inheritances that need to be considered; or charities and philanthropic causes that are important to you.

Sometimes choices are not always about asset values and tax liabilities, as there are many personal considerations that need to be borne in mind, and that’s what we believe that really good future planning must encompass.


Capital Gains Tax Planning

If you sell or give away certain assets at a profit of more than £11,000 pounds in any tax year, you may be liable to pay Capital Gains Tax. The main rate is 28%, though the reduced Entrepreneurs' Relief rate of 10% may be available on the disposal of some business assets.

Capital Gains Tax is frequently misunderstood or overlooked, which can lead to significant and unexpected liabilities. We find there are often myths that need to be dispelled.

However, there are many reliefs and legitimate tax planning opportunities to help reduce or eliminate Capital Gains Tax. The key lies in pre-transaction planning - even as far back as the purchase of the asset. For this reason we like to talk regularly to our clients so that Capital Gains Tax can be managed as effectively as possible and to avoid unwanted surprises.


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"I have been a client of Tayabali & White since it was founded in 1979. Since then the firm has handled my personal tax affairs extremely efficiently and effectively.
Some twenty years ago I co-founded a publishing business. Tayabali & White managed, with our solicitors, setting up all the legalities and accounting systems needed to run a company.  This was done in a spirit of collaboration which has made our dealings with the firm a genuine pleasure.  Three years ago I decided to retire and Tayabali & White were involved in every detail, selecting specialist valuers, solicitors and consultants with expert knowledge to help effect an MBO.  This is working very well and all concerned are grateful for all the expertise brought to bear by Tayabali & White and the consultants they managed on our behalf.
I have been pleased over the past 37 years to have introduced several friends and business contacts to Tayabali & White all of whom I know are as delighted with the professionalism, efficiency and friendship which I continue to experience."
Roger Dalzell