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Ongoing Wealth & Asset Management

By keeping regular personal accounts of assets, liabilities, income and expenditure, as a small business would, you can set strategies for growth and monitor progress.

Balance Sheet

An ongoing record your assets, liabilities and cumulative income.

Periodic cash
flow analysis

Track and monitor your income and expenditure.

Personal balance sheet

The starting point is to understand your personal financial position. A personal balance sheet shows you your assets (property, cash, investments etc.), liabilities (mortgages, loans, tax provisions) as well as your cumulative earnings and profits.

Most clients have never looked at their wealth this way before. This summary is powerful planning tool and gives clients the opportunity to make financial whether it is to strengthen the balance sheet to provide more security in retirement or to plan to reduce assets to support the family and to mitigate Inheritance Tax.

Such clear and powerful personal financial data enables you to make decisions and plan, giving you control over your affairs. We help clients to interpret the information and set their strategies, as well as to update and monitor the information on a regular basis.


Periodic cash flow analysis

Most individuals and families don't monitor how the spend their money; yet this is a vital characteristic of successful businesses that we encourage our clients to emulate. If you know how you are spending your money you can decide whether you are focussing on your priorities, where to make economies or how to create forecasts.

A business would engage an accountant to help them with this exercise and to help with financial decsision-making and this is exactly what we offer our high net worth clients to help them stay in control of their wealth.

Coupled with the Personal Balance Sheet, Personal Cash Flow Analysis provides individuals and families with the crucial platform to make meaningful financial decisions.


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"Tayabali & White have been very helpful in explaining the inner workings of government red tape and helped me to optimise my tax efficency in a quick and responsive way."
Richard Wilson
Waxwing Limited