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Private Practice Compliance

As specialist tax advisers we look after all aspects of private practice and personal tax compliance, providing all the support you need.

it Right

Knowing your filing requirements and meeting them.

Dealing with

Well-presented returns reduce the risk of enquiry.

Getting it right

Even a one-person private practice faces myriad compliance requirements from HMRC and Companies House. Most doctors are aware of their compliance requirements though they are generally less sure about whether, when and how to register for, report and pay taxes and fees, nor what expenses they can legitimately claim.

The private practice compliance environment is very familiar to us at Tayabali & White and we will support you as much as you need.


Dealing with HMRC

As well as coping with the compliance environment, the prospect of having to face an HMRC enquiry is a real concern for doctors. We work with our medical clients to help ensure their tax affairs can stand up to scrutiny.

We have successfully represented medical professionals in HMRC enquiries and you can rest assured that we will look after you if HMRC enquires into your returns.

However, we believe that it is best to prevent enquiries if at all possible. We know what tax and accounting rules and reliefs affect the medical profession and how best to present your return to HMRC.


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"Having someone I can entrust with my private practice and personal tax affairs with has been extremely reassuring over the many years I have been with Tayabali & White. It is still possible to have an advisor with whom you can share your numbers and who will also provide really useful and practical advice that goes beyond just minimising your tax liability."
Mr David Moffat
Consultant ENT surgeon